EXPOEMPLEO will be the meeting point for the most important national and transnational corporations as well as the active and skilled population wishing to explore work options.

EXPOEMPLEO will allow you to contact a wide range of eligible candidates that could be part of your company's human team.

Professionals, technicians, administrative and operative personnel will be together at the most important recruiting event in the country.

This event is organized by EKA magazine. It will be promoted through direct mail and advertisings on different national and international media.

Next you will find everything you need to make the decision to join EXPOEMPLEO and take advantage of a valuable and innovative tool available to Human Resources departments.

Please do not hesitate to contact either one of us, or Sergio Murillo, Commercial Advisor of the Project, phone number (506)4001-6747, sergio@ekaconsultores.com in case you have any question.

We look forward to contributing to your professional and entrepreneurial success.